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Using pictures coupled with simple sentences makes concepts easier to understand for individuals with language weaknesses. There are many reasons for language weaknesses, including young age, auditory processing delays, Autism (including Asperger syndrome), and strokes. "MySocialStories" is designed for use with children who have language weakneses for any reason.
To use "SocialStories", choose an area of concern from the table of contents. Each area has a 4 sentence story. Choose from the pictures shown to illustrate and personalize the story for your child. You, your child, or both can pick the picture for each sentence. Once clicked, the picture will appear in the numbered box that is next in order to complete the story.
Read the story to your child and/or have your child read the story to you.
At any time, if you feel a wrong picture choice has been made, explain to your child and then press the reset button to start over again.
Once done, the back arrow in the upper left hand corner will bring you back to the table of contents. Best viewed on tablet.
If you have any suggestions for future stories to be added (all future updates are free) to "SocialStories", please contact us at
Dorie Hankin, M.D., Stephen Kronwith, M.D., Ph.D.